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Monday: 09:00 – 18:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 09:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 09:00 – 18:00
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The Meeting point is under the statue of Kenau at Haarlem train Station (city center side). Stand with your back to the train station, and it is on your right-hand side. Walk past Starbucks and the busses and you will see the statue.

2011 LR Haarlem


Gedempte Oude Gracht Haarlem.


Haarlem Food Experiences
Hendrik Figeeweg 3F
2031 BJ Haarlem


By train

Haarlem is easily accessible via intercity or sprinters. Plan your trip via

By car

Parking is easy. Park your car in parking garage Station Haarlem. Navigate to Lange Herenstraat 11.

By bike

Park your trusted steed underneath the station square. Navigate to Kruisweg 22 and opposite the street you will find the bike parking.

By bus

Leave the bus at Haarlem station and you are just 1 minute away from the meeting point.

Had a lovely tour of the city (despite the rain) and sampled some of the food and drink from their independent traders. Karen and Rob, our organizer and guide, were excellent. Very nice people who took the time to get to know their customers. Would recommend this to anyone wanting to spend even a short time in Haarlem. Thanks Karen and Rob!

– Chris Brand

The Haarlem Food Experience was a great success. Tasty snacks and drinks. You really don’t need to have lunch beforehand!

– Marjanne

Had a very nice tour through beautiful Haarlem. It’s nice how they highlight local entrepreneurs and show the pearls of Haarlem. Supplemented with delicious snacks and drinks. We did not have lunch and dinner afterwards was not necessary.

– Steyn Scheffers

The hosts were very nice and we got a lot of food.

– Lorenz Fanelli

We had a lovely afternoon exploring Haarlem with some wonderful people, great hosts and delicious food! I’ll be back!

– Geeske Kooistra

Despite the atrocious weather, the enthusiasm, the knowledge and the diligence of our host made me thoroughly enjoy the experience! When you have good company even hard winds and down pour cannot take the joy away! It made me want to come back to those spots on a better day. I recommend!

– Anthony Yoboue

Supporting local and small business who leave a positive ecological or social footprint. A guide with passion for what the organisation stand for.

– David Hagemann

Haarlem Food Experiences is a great activity to do: walking around a beautiful city as Haarlem, discovering details of the history that makes that place more unique, while enjoying healthy food done by great local entrepreneurs! Really recommendable for locals and visitors, to enjoy with your friends but also meet new great people!

– Txell Alarcon

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