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Haarlem Food Experiences

Haarlem Food Experiences was born to showcase the vibrant culinary scene in our wonderful city.

Our fun filled tours and events connect you with delicious local products, innovative entrepreneurs, funky locations and hidden gems.

Keeping it Local! We strive to be as green, sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Local, hidden gems

Food from the heart

people and planet friendly

Vegan Street Food Experience

Eat for the planet and join the original Vegan Street Food Experience in Haarlem!

We love to lead, connect, and bring people together to enjoy the best Vegan Street Food Haarlem has to offer. Join the vegan revolution and explore our medieval urban jungle.

Throughout our adventure, we will stop at 6 unique locations. From social war fries to wicked weed balls, we have some amazing stories to share with you (vegans and non-vegans welcome).

On root, we’ll explore the city, support local businesses, and enjoy some mouth-watering food washed down with local craft beers.

Secret Food Events

A memorable culinary experience exclusively for your tribe! Food is a social glue that brings people together. So for your next team outing in Haarlem get in touch. Give your tribe a brain break and let us organise your event.

Each experience is facilitated by a host. Our events are designed to bring people together, with a mission to deepen human connection through storytelling and food (and drinks, of course!).

The Latest from Haarlem

Looking for an original company or team outing in Haarlem.

Looking for an original company or team outing in Haarlem.

Forget about development sessions within the office, the dreaded zoom 'borrel' or go-karting. As every event organizer knows, it can be a challenge to find an activity that appeals to everyone while keeping within your budget. Everyone loves food. For centuries,...

A week’s worth of restaurants in one afternoon

A week’s worth of restaurants in one afternoon

Did you know only Maastricht has more bars and cafes than Haarlem? As well as being voted the culinary capital of The Netherlands, Haarlem has also been voted the best city for shopping. Haarlem is commonly considered one of the prettiest cities in The Netherlands...

Post Pandemic Playtime for Teams

Post Pandemic Playtime for Teams

The COVID-19 pandemic totally changed how we work. For many, working from home was a dream come true, but for others it was torture. Many people love going into the office every day, holding meetings, sharing a coffee break, water cooler chat, and just having a place...

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