The last 18 months have left many of us feeling disconnected. Local businesses have struggled, and many of us have been frazzled, unsure, and not had the energy or opportunity for new experiences.

Sounds pretty grim, right? Well, there is an upside! More and more people have realized how important it is to support local businesses and the importance of getting offline and connecting with others in person. For many, screen fatigue is the only new experience they have had in a while.

The beautiful city of Haarlem has loads to offer. With many local attractions and a bustling food scene, it is the perfect playground for new experiences.

It is no surprise that Haarlem was voted the gastronomical capital of the Netherlands in 2019. The cozy cafes, Michelin star restaurants, trendy bars, and many innovative food businesses are full of creativity and flavor.

Over the last year, local businesses could expand their terraces, and the aromas hit you as you travel the medieval cobble-stoned streets.

Food experiences provide a sensory way to connect with others and explore the city. You discover local sites, places of interest, listen to stories while sampling locally produced food and drinks. For groups, bonding over food can be a great way to turn colleagues into friends. Everyone loves food, right? And an interactive experience leads to casual exchanges and open dialogue.

Getting out and walking clears the mind and gets energy flowing. It is also a great way to have some tasty fun while supporting local businesses, and as we know, local businesses give a community its flavor and unique character. So, if you are suffering zoom fatigue after months of online interactions, it might be time to have a brain break and get some fresh inspiration. Who knows, you might even make some new friends and discover some hidden gems along the way.

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