Street Art is growing in popularity. It is colourful, vibrant, creative, and diverse. It is a medium for artists to express their views, and it increases the attractiveness of cities. But it is not a recent phenomenon. Ancient Romans carved graffiti on walls, and prehistoric caves with graffiti-like scenes of sex and hunting have been discovered globally.

The definition of street art is hard to define, as it can be any form of art or performance that is free to be enjoyed in public spaces. Think dance, theatre, juggling, or poetry.

Insta-Worthy Street Art Haarlem

Street art inspires people, addresses social themes, encourages social participation, and helps build communities. It adds character to grey buildings and puts a smile on people’s faces. In Haarlem, steps are underway to give street art a place in the inner and outer city. Yes, street art has gone legit! The first large mural created through community engagement and local artists, Telmo and Miel, is at DeDakkas. The vibrant mural breathes life into the neighborhood with its rich colours, and standing at 17 meters tall, it’s officially the largest mural in Haarlem.

Meet Mona Gaga

After discovering that the famous work ‘Portrait of a Girl in Blue’ by the 17th-century Haarlem painter Johannes Verspronck is not in Haarlem, but in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Telmo and Miel felt it was time to bring her home. “We wanted old art with a modern twist. The clothing, but also the nose, mouth, and cheeks, are from Verspronck. The hair, glasses, and pink bow belong to that of a festival girl. We wanted two extreme outfits from different times.” Locals quickly dubbed the result ‘Mona Gaga’.

In any city, it is worth taking some time to enjoy the street art. And luckily in Haarlem, we are getting more and more Insta-worthy creations.

What to meet Mono Gaga? Check our upcoming Vegan Street Food Experiences and catch a glimpse.

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