We all love to visit our local cafe, bar, or restaurant, the place where ‘everybody knows your name‘. It makes us feel good to walk in somewhere and receive a warm welcome. Supporting local businesses also means that money is pumped back into the community, and as products usually travel less, it is often more sustainable.

Again, we are moving into a semi lockdown, and many small business owners are down to their last reserves. With the holiday season just around the corner and most of us planning on spending a little on gifts, let’s keep it local. If we want to see our favourite bars, cafes, shops, and restaurants still here in 2022, it is up to us to spend our hard-earned cash in our community.

Order take-out

Many local restaurants are suffering huge financial losses. If you don’t feel like eating out or cannot get there before 17.00, you can still show your support by ordering take-out. Most restaurants will be eager to accommodate you, so call them and place an order.

Support your local food system

Instead of buying all your produce at the supermarket, consider visiting the market in Haarlem. If you are reluctant to go out in crowds, you can still order local produce delivered directly to your door with Buurderij Haarlem – Boeren & Buren. This way, you are supporting local producers and filling up on healthy local produce.

Experience Gifts are Better

Research has shown that experience gifts are better. Based on his research, psychology professor at Cornell, Dr. Thomas Gilovich, says, “Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods.”

So before you start up your laptop and get on amazon, consider buying a local experience for your loved one. Who doesn’t love trying out a new restaurant or relaxing with a wonderful massage, or enjoying afternoon tea after visiting a museum?

Don’t forget your local shops when looking for gifts. It’s better to buy books from someone who wants to sell books and not colonize the moon!

Support small businesses for free

  • Write a google review.
  • Share and like on social media.
  • Refer a friend.
  • Reschedule appointments instead of cancelling.
  • Say Thank you….. a word of thanks and encouragement can make all the difference right now.
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