Did you know only Maastricht has more bars and cafes than Haarlem? As well as being voted the culinary capital of The Netherlands, Haarlem has also been voted the best city for shopping. Haarlem is commonly considered one of the prettiest cities in The Netherlands and, with so many bars and cafes, you won’t go hungry either! Have you ever considered to join a food tour?

Why join a food tour?

Going on a foodie tour means you are experiencing the best local food, and avoiding large chain type businesses. Many of the locations featured on food tours are small family-run businesses. You not only discover and enjoy some off the beaten track treasures, you are also supporting local businesses that truly deserve it. Let’s be honest, you could get your Starbucks and burger king experience anywhere in the world. The food and drink scene of a destination is always a great way to get acquainted with it, and the best way to savour a new culture is through your stomach.

A food tour is also a great way to get a complete overview of the city you’re visiting. The only downside to travelling and falling in love with a new destination is not having enough time to truly do all the things we want to do. On a food tour you get to learn cool new things, have an interactive experience and meet the entrepreneurs. Hearing these stories from locals is always better than reading about it online. Most of the places a food tour covers are not in tourist guides. Yes, you can probably find some spots on google but chances are you will not get to chat with the entrepreneurs and have an immersive experience.

A week’s worth of restaurants in one day

Foods tours are the culinary version of a hop-on hop-off bus! You get to try out somewhere between 7 and 10 new locations risk free.


Join a food tour with us

If you want to learn more about the city Haarlem, join us on one our Vegan Street Food Tour or our Haarlem Street Food Tour. During these 3-hour tours you will munch your way through the city, enjoying local bites and beers! (non-alcoholic options available) and listen to stories from our local guides.

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