Forget about development sessions within the office, the dreaded zoom ‘borrel’ or go-karting. As every event organizer knows, it can be a challenge to find an activity that appeals to everyone while keeping within your budget. Have you ever considered a company food tour in Haarlem?

Company food tour in Haarlem

Everyone loves food. For centuries, people the world over have connected with their food traditions. Fun is always our goal and we are on a mission to connect people through shared experiences. What could be better than walking through the streets of Haarlem, stopping at places to taste the flavors and meet the people behind the magic?

For this year’s team event ditch the awkward dinner and try something unique. Our food tours or scavenger hunt are guaranteed to impress!

We can personalize all our company food tours to your needs

Our hosts will lead your team through Haarlem, where you’ll get to enjoy local food and drinks. You will get a craft beer tasting and learn the tricks behind the trade. You’ll visit hidden gems, meet the makers, and, of course, savor their delicious produce. While you walk, you can chat with your colleagues in an informal environment and bond over food and drinks. We customize larger groups to what works best for you and keep waiting times to a minimum. This might mean splitting your group into smaller groups, but don’t worry, you will all get together at the last stop to share stories and enjoy a beautiful view of Haarlem.

Interested in adding some extras. What about a cocktail-making workshop or cooking class? Get in touch! We are happy to offer suggestions based on your desires and group size.

Want to get active and release your inner sleuth?

Our Scavenger hunt is a wonderful way for teams to get a little competitive buzz going on. You’ll hunt your way through the city, solving clues as you go. You pick up your starter pack from a real live human and follow the clues and map. Need some extra help? Our online hints and tips make this an easy hunt for people of all levels to follow. Go as fast or as slow as you like, it’s all about having fun. This activity is a great way to explore the city, learn a little about history and culture, and discover some incredible hidden street art on the way.

Every team is unique, so get in touch and let us organize the best company food tour for you. The team that plays together, stays together.

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