Foodtour Haarlem

Join our foodtour Haarlem and connect with delicious local produce, innovative entrepreneurs and funky locations. 

Foodtour Haarlem

Our tours and events introduce both residents and tourists to the range of local produce and innovative entrepreneurs in the city. In this way we not only promote the transition to a sustainable future, but we also support the local catering entrepreneur.

Our experiences are 100% local, 100% responsible and 100% real!

Haarlem Food Experiences is committed to the transition to a sustainable future and supports the local catering entrepreneur. We strive to be as green, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Foodtour, food tours and experiences in Haarlem

We specialize in creating fun, memorable, culinary experiences for your group! Whether your team is as small as 10 people or as large as 250 people, we take care of it. Every experience is always facilitated by a guide or a host.

A selection of our services:

A group joining the foodtour Haarlem and having a great time together

How a foodtour in Haarlem supports a sustainable future

About half of the Dutch population is overweight. Diet plays an important role in this. A diet high in protein from animal products – such as milk, cheese, processed and red meat – is associated with an increased risk of many diseases and conditions. The diet in terms of nutrition can be a lot healthier.

Consuming animal products also brings all kinds of sustainability problems with it. Think of a lot of CO2 emissions by the animals and for transport and damage to biodiversity due to the use of pesticides.

Fortunately, sustainable and healthy food go hand in hand and we see that the food scene in Haarlem has grown enormously in recent years. More and more people are now opting for local and sustainable food. The growing demand for plant-based food is reflected in the emergence of entrepreneurs who deal with food in an innovative way.

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