Students have struggled emotionally as a result of the pandemic. Some people (especially those with families) embraced some downtime and took the opportunity to slow down a little. Surveys have shown that the majority of students have been struggling because of the coronavirus measures. 

It is not really surprising. Human interaction is vital for everyone and our student years are all about building social relationships, gaining new experiences, and having fun. Added to this are feelings of falling behind on studies and constant uncertainty due to ever-changing rules. Research has also been done between higher use of social media and depression, with the authors concluding that exposure to negative posts and stories may contribute to a greater risk of depression.

International students were especially hard hit with over half experiencing anxiety and loneliness and 4 in 10 experiencing symptoms of depression. ‘International students are being hard hit by the coronavirus crisis,’ Nuffic director Freddy Weima said. ‘These students don’t have as big a social network in the Netherlands as their Dutch peers and that makes them vulnerable.

Haarlem Food Experience was born to showcase the amazing culinary scene and to bring people together through some digital detox fun! Our experiences are all about connection. We are on a mission to support local businesses and show off our city through storytelling and food ( and drinks, of course!)

It is scientifically proven that doing something new makes us happier, variety and novelty boost our mood. Did you know the brain demands a lot of energy (up to 20% of the body’s energy)? During breaks/rest periods the brain can renew cells and recharge. Time off is important for proper brain health and function 

So with this in mind, we thought it time to pay it forward and do something for a group of people that have struggled enormously over the last months. It is time for local students to get out, have fun and give their brains a much-deserved break.

More to follow….. Stay tuned!

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